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VLSI Training

Very Large Scale Integration or VLSI is a process of creating an integrated circuit by adding thousands of transistors together inside a single chip. The VLSI design can be best found in every microprocessor. Verilog is a programming language which determines through testing the operational acceptance of VSLI chips. Based on the capacity of the chip, Verilog is used to program the chip into performing various operations based on the requirements of the user.

A single chip can be reprogrammed after the completion of one operation to perform various other operations. The training we provide at CORPITS for VLSI is through a VLSI expert who can teach you the three basic components and describe all the fundamental concepts of front end, verification and physical design.

The practical classes will consist of practicing coding which will be taught in theory and the various other programming possibilities that can arise on front end and verification. Our experts here at CORPITS aim on guiding you to understand the various concepts, possibilities and also help you create something of your own. The end result of the training with CORPITS will lead you to become an advanced VSLI designer due to our VSLI design course.

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