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Robotics Training

The designing, constructing, programming and operating of robots for its implementations in real world applications through the utilisation of computer systems is called robotics. The field of robotics is vast and has multiple domains of mechanical, computer science, electronic and electrical engineering established into it as one. The field of robotics is a complex but interesting one. The construction of the robot depends on the usage of the robot, the programming of its microprocessor determines the application of the robot’s ability and the components will determine the working of the robot.

The staff members of CORPITS consist of two graduates in M.E Mechatronics who have gained experience by working with robotic experts around the world and have won many competitions that are based on robotics in a national and international level.

At CORPITS, the student will be provided with a robotics kit upon joining the course. The kit will contain the necessary components which are required to construct a range of robots that can be made to perform various modes of operations. The construction and method of operation will be taught to students along with the programming of the robot. The student will be able to make the robots as the class progresses. CORPITS aims on providing you with quality training and give you the ability to harness the talent of creating functioning robots.

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