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PHP Training

PHP is a server side scripting language which is used in developing applications for the web as well as another programming language. PHP can be used with a combination of HTML coding to create a webpage. The PHP coding of the webpage is executed by a special interpreter which informs the server to provide the output. The output which is provided is the webpage which has been developed. The development and maintenance of websites is done by PHP programmers.

The utilisation of PHP is worldwide as any organisation with a website is a user of PHP. Our experts on PHP can easily demonstrate the apparently easy to learn nature of PHP. Our training will leave you with an everlasting impact of all the basic concepts and the understanding of implementation of PHP. Our training will enable you with the ability of creating your own unique and creative websites.

PHP & MySQL Course Syllabus

PHP Course Syllabus

Part A: PHP

Introduction to Web Technology

Overview Of HTML -HTML Documents -Formatting HTML Documents - Inserting Images - List - Table - Form.

Introduction to CSS

Overview of CSS - Inline CSS - Internal & External CSS.

Introduction to JavaScript

Overview Of JavaScript - Variable - Operator - Data Type - Conditional Statements - Looping Statements - Function - Event - Date &Time Function - String Function -Form Validation.

Introduction to PHP

What is PHP - How PHP better than other - Benefits Of Using PHP - Server Client Environment - Web Server Installation.

Development Concept

How PHP Script Work - PHP Syntax - Write your First PHP Program - Embed PHP In HTML - PHP Data Types - Variable In PHP - Contents In PHP - Operator In PHP.

Control Structure

If Statement - If……Else Statement - If…If Else Statement - Nested If Statement - Switch Statement.

Looping Structure

For Loop - While Loop - Do…While Loop - For each Loop.


What is function - Syntax - User Defined Function - System Defined Function - Parameterized Function - Non Parameterize Function - Date & Time Function - Hash Function - Mail Function.

File Inclusion

Include() - Require().


What is Array - Syntax - Associative Array - Numeric Array - Multi-Dimensional Array.

String Function

Chr() - strlen() - strpos() - strcmp().

Working with File

Opening File- Reading File - Writing File - Closing File - Appending File - Uploading File.

OOPs Concept

Class & Object - Access Modifier - Properties of Object - Encapsulation and abstraction - Inheritance - Polymorphism - Abstract class - Function overriding.

State Management

Creating Cookies - Set Cookies - Destroying Cookies - Creating Session - Set Session - Destroying Session.

Error Handling & Exception

Introduction to Error Handling - Try, catch ,throw Block.

Part B: MySQL

Introduction to MYSQL

What is Database? - Understanding an RDBMS - Understanding Tables, Record & Fields - SQL Language.

Working with MYSQL Admin

Working with PHP My Admin - Types Data Type - Creating Database & Tables - Dropping Database & Tables - Adding Fields -Selecting Table - Alerting Fields Properties.

MySQL Function in PHP

Database Connections - Managing Database Connections - Performing Queries - Closing Connection.

SQL Queries

Create Database & Table - Drop Database & Table - Insert Record - Select Record - Deleting Record - Modifying Record - WHERE Clause - Using Operators - Sorting Records - Eliminating Duplicates - Grouping Records, Having Clause - Joining Tables - Sub queries - Using Table And Column Aliases.

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