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JQuery Training

JQuery is a part of the JAVA script library which is cross platform and simplifies the client side scripting in HTML. More than 65% of the top websites that exist today have been developed through the utilisation of JQuery. The utilisation of JQuery helps in the creating websites and webpages in an easy manner. The implementations of JQuery can produce plug-ins and create an approach for designing dynamic websites. The latest version of Explorer 9 is supported by the reworked version of JQuery.

Website developers will find the knowledge of JQuery important as it combines all web technologies and implements them in process of developing a website or webpage. Our JQuery course provides website developers the necessary knowledge required to implement JQuery concepts while developing websites.

JQuery Course Syllabus


What is jQuery? - Downloading and installing jQuery - Creating a simple jQuery-enabled page - Overview of jQuery's features.

Retrieving Page Content

Using basic jQuery selectors - Using basic jQuery filters - Using jQuery attribute filters Child, visibility, and content filters - Form selectors and filters - Traversing documents - Understanding jQuery statement chaining.

Manipulating Page Content

Creating, getting, and setting content - Manipulating attributes - Inserting content - Wrapping, replacing, and removing content - Working with CSS.

Working with Events

Understanding the jQuery event handling features - Binding and unbinding events - Convenient event helper methods - Using the jQuery event object.

jQuery Animations and Effect

Hiding and showing elements - Fading elements in and out - Sliding elements - Creating custom animations.

Using the jQuery UI Plug-In

Introduction to jQuery - Exploring the jQuery UI widgets - Exploring the jQuery UI effects - Using the jQuery UI ThemeRoller - Downloading and installing jQuery UI.

Putting It All Together

Overview of the sample web site - Using the accordion widget - Creating an image rotator - Building hover tooltips - Making an image selector - Using the Resizable effect.

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