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Javascript Training

One of the essential technologies which are required for the smooth operation of the World Wide Web is the use of a high level, dynamic and interpreted programming language called JAVA script. Many websites are now utilising JAVA script and many web browsers have now built-in support which allows them to run JAVA script without any installing any additional plug-in.

The use of JAVA script is not limited to only web based pages and applications but also to desktop widgets, websites that can be opened on specific browsers, PDF documents and so on. Our training will provide you the understanding of JAVA script through the combined training of theory as well as practical.

JavaScript Course Syllabus


JavaScript Overview - JavaScript Syntax - Type of JavaScript - Embedding Script In HTML File - Variable.


Arithmetic - Logical - Comparison - Assignment - Conditional.

Conditional Statement & Looping Statement

If - If. Else - Switch - While - Do/while - For.

Function & Object

Passing Parameter to function - Returning a value from function - Creating Object - Accessing Object Properties & Method - Array Object - String Object - Date Object - Math Object -Window Object - Navigator Object.

Event Handling Event Type

Mouse Events - Frame/Object Events - Form Events.

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