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IEEE Embedded Projects

Embedded systems are as the name suggests embedded into massive mechanical, electrical systems for collecting and calculating real-time data in most cases. All embedded systems projects are considered as one category. Embedded systems projects is a field that allows students to gain an appropriate real-world experience in terms of what they have learnt in their classes. Embedded projects can be highly complicated or very simple and this is based on two factors namely the size and nature of the controller and processor utilised in the project. These two components are the most significant choices a student can make for his Embedded Systems project based on a recent IEEE paper. At CORPITS we are providing our list of Embedded Systems projects the students to allow them to select their own project. We will consider your requirements while determining the project’s feasibility. Getting the project you have chosen ready and functioning in real-time before your submission date and help you prepare for the presentation of the project is the only requirement we have to fulfil.

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