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Final Year Projects in Chennai

The training centre of Corpits in Chennai will offer Embedded Systems Training that is placement-based and real-time in nature.Right from fundamental to the apex level, embedded systems training course will be conducted by us with the aim of placing you at the earliest possible time in prominent multinational organistions across India after your training course completion. We have a team of trainers teaching embedded systems and they consist of qualified subject professionals and working professionals with good knowledge and work experience in real-time multiple Embedded Systems projects.The syllabus and course content have been prepared by us after reading into the needed things for students towards making every student accomplish his/her career aims.

The topics that will be taught to you during our training sessions on embedded systems are:

1.ANSI Fundamentals of C
2.Embedded C
3.Embedded systems real time project
4.Dynamic Memory Allocation
5.Functions and embedded placement training.

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