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CSS Training

CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is a styling sheet language which is used to define the look and format of a document which is written in a markup language. It is mostly used for webpage or website development. The visual appeal of the website or webpage is defined through the implementation of CSS. The user interface for web and mobile applications is also done by utilising CSS. CSS was developed to reduce the stress of HTML programmers as a web page can be linked to produce a specific styling, font colour and even the background colour. The utilisation of CSS also helps in reducing the amount of memory used by a HTML file. Every HTML programmer is required to have the necessary knowledge of CSS. By obtaining training from CORPITS, there will be an enormous change in the implementation of your individual knowledge regarding CSS. The learning of concepts in Theory classes and the implementation of those concepts in practical classes will provide you with the in-depth experience of becoming a certified HTML programmer.

CSS Course Syllabus

CSS Introduction

CSS Syntax - CSS Id & Class - CSS How - CSS Styling.

Styling Backgrounds

Styling Text - Styling Fonts - Styling Links - Styling Lists - Styling Tables.

CSS Box Model

CSS Box Model - CSS Border - CSS Outline - CSS Margin - CSS Padding.

CSS Advanced

CSS Grouping/Nesting - CSS Dimension - CSS Display - CSS Positioning - CSS Floating - CSS Align - CSS Pseudo-class - CSS Pseudo-element - CSS Navigation Bar - CSS Image Gallery - CSS Image Opacity - CSS Image Sprites - CSS Media Types - CSS Attribute Selectors.


CSS3 Introduction - CSS3 Borders - CSS3 Backgrounds - CSS3 Text Effects - CSS3 Fonts - CSS3 2D Transforms - CSS3 3D Transforms - CSS3 Transitions - CSS3 Animations - CSS3 Multiple Columns - CSS3 User Interface.

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