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Mobile Application Developer
To create applications with dynamic codes structures and perform experiments with the newest features of iOS and Android.

2 or more years as developer
Strong knowledge of basic concepts of object C, object oriented PHP and python
Practice utilising iOS SDK
UI/UX skills
Ability to jailbreak apps or create hybrid apps.
Application Support Analyst
Required knowledge about the working of desktop and mobile applications. Understanding on the PC softwares and operating systems.

Experience in troubleshooting PC, help desk and support services.
Knowledge on SQL and Microsoft products
Good verbal and written communication skills will be a bonus.
Software Designer
Designing, creating and testing software applications for business, scientific and industrial usage.

Familiar with various systems and technologies and their functioning
Stay updated on the more recent changes in technology.
Experience in creating and testing softwares meant for business usage.
Product Manager
Seek potential products and ideas through market research, the generalised needs of the customer and most recent trends in every field of service.

Must be able to perform price planning, competitive analysis and all analytical calculations
Must understand the client’s requirements easily
Experienced in utilisation of product development systems.
Software Testing Engineer
Must perform quality assurance and software tests on products after development and provide a specific performance report.

Expertise in quality standard
Software testing knowledge
Technology Consultant
Experience in pack and patch policy operations for software products, installing and configuring software packages, troubleshooting problems and designing solutions.

Engineering graduate in software field with passion for gaining knowledge regarding recent technologies.

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