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Best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai


Learn Dot net from the experts.

Corpits is one of the Best Dot Net Training Institutes in Chennai and has been consistently maintaining its reputation for more than a decade. We have top class lab facilities and supported by the experienced & skilled instructors who have served for top notch MNC software companies.

Our Dot Net Training in Chennai is said to be the Best solely because of our teaching & training methodologies. We make the best out of our candidates to turn them into Dot Net Developer & programmer and help them achieve their dream job.

We have maintained a good placement record and many of our candidates are now working for quality MNC's and Software companies. We give more preference to practical training & learning and help candidates gain more realistic knowledge and deal with live application projects more proficiently.

Our faculties follow the best training methodology to teach coding along practical implementation, in order to make the candidates qualify for their desired job. We also train them to face various recruitment process such as interview, technical test etc.

Corpits provides high class professional training on Microsoft technologies like C#.Net, Asp .Net, ADO .Net, Dot Net Framework, Silverlight and dealing with MVC,WPF & WCF.

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Best .NET Training Syllabus in Chennai

Visual Studio .NET Framework Training

Introduction to .NET Frame work – Common Language Runtime - .NET Framework Class Library – ADO.NET – Assemblies – Dynamic Source Code Generation & Compilation – Common Type Systems – Configuring Applications – Extending Design Time Support – Events – Exceptions – Garbage Collection – Graphics & Drawing – Globalization & Localization of Applications – Cross Language Interoperability – Language Integrated Query (LINQ) – Managed Execution – Assemblies – Mobile Development – Networking – Reflection – Security – Threading – Windows Communication Foundation Overview – Windows Presentation Foundation Overview – Windows Service Applications.

Visual Basic .NET Training

Introduction to Visual Basic.Net – Exploring Visual Studio .NET - Creating a Windows Application Project - Classes, Methods, Properties, Access Modifiers - OOPs Implementation: Inheritance, Interfaces, Polymorphism – Delegates – Multi threading – Arrays – Boxing & UnBoxing – Assemblies – Class Libraries – File Concepts – I/O Handling – Building Windows and Console Applications – Creating Win Forms – Use of Controls in Win Forms – Building Menu Bar – Building Tool Bars – Building Context Menu – File Handling – MDI Application Building - Exception Rising – Exception Handling & Debugging Win Apps – Understanding VB.Net's Integrated Debugging Environment – Errors: Compile Time, Run Time & Logical – Error Handling: writing, Creating & Logging Exception Handling in Code.

Visual C# .NET Training

Getting Started - Introduction to .NET and the .NET Framework - Exploring Visual Studio .NET - Creating a Windows Application Project. Understanding C# Language Fundamentals – Understanding the Fundamentals of a C# Program - Using C# Predefined Types - Writing Expressions - Creating Conditional Statements - Creating Iteration Statements - Creating Objects in C# - Defining a Class - Declaring Methods - Implementing Object- Oriented Programming Techniques in C# - Using Inheritance - Using Polymorphism Programming with C# - Using Arrays - Using Collections - Using Interfaces - Using Exception Handling - Using Delegates and Events - Building .NET-based Applications with C# - Examining the .NET Framework Class Library - Overriding Methods from System - Creating an Application that uses ADO.NET to Access Data - Changing Database Records - Creating Windows-based Applications - Creating the Main Menu - Creating and Using Common Dialog Boxes - Creating and Using Custom Dialog Boxes - Creating and Using Toolbars - Creating the Status Bar - Creating and Using Combo Boxes - Using XML Web Services in a C# Program.

ASP .NET Training

Introducing ASP.Net – ASP Vs ASP.Net – Client Server Communication – Three-tier Architecture – Namespaces & Objects – Controls: HTML Controls, Server Controls, Validation Controls, Web Forms, Master Pages – Building Controls – Use of Controls– Binding Data to ASP.Net Server Controls – Accessing data from a database using ADO.Net – State Management and Web Configuration: Client Side, Server Side, Web Config File, Global File – Debugging and Tracing Errors – Template Controls: Grid View, Data List, Form View, Repeater – Security in ASP.Net using Website Administration Tool – Introduction to Web Security and Authentications – Security Considerations – Relationship between IIS and ASP.Net – Authentication Methods – Authorization & Impersonation – Code Access Security – State Management – Themes & Skins – Creating a Web Application by using ASP.Net.

ADO .NET Training

Getting Started with ADO.NET - Connecting to a Database and Retrieving Data - Best Practices for Managing Connections and Performing Queries - Modifying Data by Using ADO.NET Commands: Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data – SqlDataSource - LINQ DataSource - Object datasource - GridView - DetailsView - FormsView - DataList – Repeater - Managing Data Integrity and Concurrency Querying and Maintaining Data by Using Datasets - Creating and Using a DataSet to Retrieve Data - Updating a Database by Using a DataSet.

Crystal Reports Training

Introduction to Reports – Introduction to Crystal Engine – Advantages of Crystal Reports over conventional Data Reports - Creation of Crystal Report Format – Crystal report Integration – Discussion on Data Handling and Reports.

Project Work in Advanced .NET Training

Development and Implementation of a real-time project using Advanced .NET.

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