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Best Android Training Institute in Chennai


Learn Android Application Development from the Best Android Training Institute in Chennai.

Corpits provides the Best Android Training in Chennai, having skilled Android Mobile Application Developers & trainers in its kitty offers high quality training and turns all candidates into well groomed Mobile App developers.

With Android growing in stature day by day in the field of mobile platform it is a good idea to start a career as an Android App Developer. Being the Best Android Training institute in Chennai we ensure that each candidate is given proper training before stepping into the real world of Android App Development.

We offer placement oriented Android Training in Chennai with most of our training classes deals with real time application projects. We cover the latest syllabus and meets the industry standards which makes the life easier for the candidates in getting a well deserved job.

Corpits is an institute that is well skilled in providing Android training for developing android applications alongside giving practical training on this subject to upcoming android developers. The android trainers team at Corpits display extreme earnestness in giving comprehensive training on basic and core areas in android development. Android SDK is an area where we hold high expertise and this will be smoothly passed on to you while you undergo the android training course and the related skills and acumen will be gained by you. Android is presently working as an effective platform for professionals in the Information technology industry for both naive and experienced individuals where the latter who is seeking for an alternative career can smoothly move across after getting needed android job-based training whilst freshers can be placed in the same industry, comfortably.

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Best Android Training Syllabus in Chennai

Getting Started

Overview of Android and Android SDK - Getting to know your Android development environment - Writing your first Android application - Running and debugging your application - Working with Android simulator - Test your application on device.

Android Applications - The Big Picture Training

Android architecture - Android application model - Overview of Android application building blocks - Application design guidelines - Application lifecycle.

Building User Interface Training

Overview of Android's view structure - Android built-in layouts - Defining a layout in XML - Android built-in Views - Event handling - Building custom views and layouts.

Building Android Applications Training

AndroidManifest.xml file - the control file - Building activities - Building intents - Building and using services - Notifications - Building and using content providers.

Database Training

Overview of storing, retrieving, and exposing data - Preferences - Files - SQLite Databases - ContentProviders - Data access over the network - External Storages.

Android Security Model Training

Overview of Android security architecture - Signing application packages - User IDs and access control - Using, declaring and enforcing permissions - URI permissions.

Resources and I18N Training

Overview of resources in Android - Creating resources - Using resources - Drawable resources - Animation resources - Using resources for different languages.

Android Media API Training

Playing audio/video - Media recording - Bluetooth - WiFi - Camera - Telephony Manager.

Building Location Based Applications Training

Where am I - Location Manager - Integrate with Google Map.

Interprocess Communication with AIDL Training

Overview of Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL) - Defining the interface - Implementing an interface - Exposing the interface - Invoking IPC methods Parameter passing.

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