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Arduino Training

Arduino acts as an open source computer software but is also a hardware company which focuses on providing a user community and project. The designs of Arduino are based off on microcontrollers that are used for constructing objects and digital devices that are interactive and are able to react according to the situation in the physical world. The design kits of Arduino can be used in a cheap and easy way to produce devices that contain sensors and actuators to interact with the immediate environment surrounding the device.

The kits that are provided by Arduino can be programmed by using programming languages such as C, C++ and JAVA as these boards are provided with an IDE or an Integrated Developmental Environment. The teaching staffs at CORPITS consist of experts on embedded systems who provide our students with the required training and shift a focus on the practicality of using Arduino Boards.

At CORPITS, the theory classes we provide the necessary knowledge that a student is required to perform well in their practical classes. The implementation of coding in practical classes will ensure that you are well versed in the practical applications of the Arduino boards. Our course will produce good results when you create your own embedded systems and present you with the necessary skills to advance yourself as an Arduino expert.

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